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Do you find yourself

with your

Do you find that you
have a

hard time

with each other

Do you find that


in the

is missing

Do you find that you

sexual desire

with your spouse/partner

Are you

anxious or

Together we can create change.

I am a licensed clinical social worker with offices conveniently located in Midwood and Boro Park, Brooklyn. I earned my certificate at Long Island University. I have been working in the mental health field for 15 years.

I work with couples and individuals in a variety of ways:

I teach couples how to satisfy each other emotionally and intimately. I work with couples and individuals who experience mismatched levels of desire, decreased sexual pleasure, and painful intercourse to feel more arousal and desire, and to experience less pain.

I help couples and individuals who feel distant, angry, or lack trust with each other, to ultimately become closer by rebuilding trust and rekindle intimacy in order to achieve a more satisfying relationship. I also help couples identify their emotions and triggers which create distance in their relationship.

My specialties also include treating symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression by helping people understand how their thoughts affect their behaviors. I help develop tools such as relaxation, mindfulness, and body awareness.

I am known for creating solutions while being supportive, as well as to guide you towards a renewed relationship with your spouse or partner. I can help you reach your relationship and individual goals, develop coping skills, and achieve more happiness.

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I can be reached at (347)764-9333 or kahan.sarah@gmail.com

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