When I began therapy, I was very nervous about sharing intimate things about my sex life. She made me feel comfortable talking about a delicate subject, and in a short time my sex life has improved dramatically!

Sarah has really helped get our marriage in a better place. We have a better understanding of what sets us off, and therefore we fight less and when we do, we now have the ability to make up.

Sarah has been able to help us reduce the tension in the house between our teenage son and ourselves. Before therapy, we did not feel very loving towards our son but in therapy we learned how to give him unconditional love which made him feel less angry towards us.He is now beginning to become frum again and we believe it’s because we changed the way we parent him.

Sarah has been able to help me date more effectively and to help me understand what I am looking for in a mate. Through her coaching, I recently got engaged and I feel good about the choices I made.

Talking to new people and attending social events made me anxious. Sarah taught me techniques to use in order to reduce my anxiety. She had a calming effect on me and she made me feel normal. Instead of my anxiety having control of me, I feel that I have control over my anxiety.

I found myself spending a lot of time in my room and feeling down. I had no energy to do the things I usually like to do and I was becoming more isolated. Since beginning therapy with Sarah I like to go out more and I feel more self confident.

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